Jack and Joe eBook - The Hunt for Reacher Series

Jack and Joe eBook - The Hunt for Reacher Series

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"Make some coffee. You'll read all night." Lee Child, #1 NYT and World-wide Bestselling author of Jack Reacher thrillers gives Diane Capri's Hunt for Jack Reacher Series Two Thumbs Up!

Trouble is coming. Where is Reacher?

FBI Agents Kim Otto and Gaspar pick up where Lee Child’s The Enemy leaves off in this award-winning and best selling third novel in his friend Diane Capri's excellent Hunt for Jack Reacher series.

When FBI Special Agents Kim Otto and Carlos Gaspar are sent to Fort Bird, North Carolina, to find Jack Reacher, powerful enemies with their backs against the wall will stop at nothing to bury the secrets both Jack and Joe Reacher left behind.

Reacher's friend Summer has been promoted. She's high up the command chain now. And she knows things about Jack and Joe Reacher she's been ordered to tell. Things someone big wants to keep buried. Things Otto is determined to find out.

When Otto meets Joe Reacher's wife, the women around the Reacher brothers come clearly into focus. The Reacher brothers were unforgettable to the women who loved them. But what about the men who hated them?

Have you joined the Hunt for Jack Reacher? Start reading today and you'll be hooked.

The Hunt for Jack Reacher series enthralls fans of John Grisham, Lee Child, and more:

"Diane writes like the maestro of the jigsaw puzzle. Sit back in your favorite easy chair, pour a glass of crisp white wine, and enter her devilishly clever world." —David Hagberg, New York Times Bestselling Author of Kirk McGarvey Thrillers

"Expertise shines on every page." —Margaret Maron, Edgar, Anthony, Agatha and Macavity Award Winning MWA Past President and MWA Grand Master 2013

Readers Love the 
Hunt for Jack Reacher Series and the way Diane Capri reveals Reacher from a whole new perspective:

"I 'stumbled' on this title and was attracted to it as I am a Jack Reacher fan. Loved the story and the author's writing style. Couldn't wait for more so I purchased [Raw Justice] and want more Jennifer Lane — please?! Fatal Distraction is also on my Kindle to read list!"

"I have been a Reacher fan for years and was excited when I heard of Diane Capri's take on 'Finding Reacher'. 'Don't Know Jack' is a good companion to Child's Reacher books and recaptures the flavor of the Reacher mystique. I am waiting anxiously for the next book in the series and the next and the next, and so on."

"All Child fans should give it a try!"

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author DIANE CAPRI does it again in another blockbuster Hunt for Jack Reacher Series Novel

"Full of thrills and tension, but smart and human, too. Kim Otto is a great, great character — I love her." Lee Child, #1 World Wide Bestselling Author of Jack Reacher Thrillers