Hunt for Jack Reacher 3 Book Starter Bundle
Hunt for Jack Reacher 3 Book Starter Bundle
Hunt for Jack Reacher 3 Book Starter Bundle

Hunt for Jack Reacher 3 Book Starter Bundle

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The Hunt for Jack Reacher 3 Book Starter Bundle from Award Winning New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Thriller Author Diane Capri.

The first 3 novels in the Hunt for Jack Reacher Series at a special price and FREE SHIPPING!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Kim Otto is a great, great character. I love her!" Lee Child

👍 👍 Lee Child, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of Jack Reacher Thrillers gives Diane Capri and her NEW Hunt for Jack Reacher Series Two Thumbs Up!

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Series!

Jack Reacher: Friend or Enemy? FBI Special Agent Kim Otto doesn't know what she doesn't know... 

It’s been a while since we first met 
Lee Child’s Jack Reacher in Killing Floor.

Fifteen years and more than twenty novels later, Reacher still lives off the grid, until trouble finds him, and then he does whatever it takes, much to the delight of readers and the dismay of villains.

Now someone big is looking for him. Who? And why?

Hunting Jack Reacher is a dangerous business, as FBI Special Agents Kim Otto and Carlos Gaspar are about to find out.

Otto and Gaspar are by-the-book hunters who know when to break the rules; Reacher is a wanted man, and a stone cold killer when things get personal.

But is he friend or enemy? Armed with disinformation, Kim Otto intends to find out. Only the secrets hidden in Margrave, Georgia will tell them.

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Diane Capri brings her insider knowledge to bear on her friend Lee Child's iconic character. The Hunt for Jack Reacher begins here.

Have you joined the hunt?

Just the facts. And not many of them, either.

Jack Reacher’s file was too stale and too thin to be credible. No human could be as invisible as Reacher appeared to be, whether he was currently above the ground or under it.

Either the file had been sanitized, or Reacher was the most off-the-grid paranoid Kim Otto had ever heard of.

What had she missed?

At four in the morning the untraceable cell phone had vibrated on her bedside table. She had slept barely a hundred minutes.

She cleared her throat, grabbed the phone, flipped it open, swung her legs out of bed, and said, “FBI Special Agent Kim Otto.”

The man said, “I’m sorry to call you so early, Otto.”

She recognized the voice, even though she hadn’t heard it for many years. He was still polite. Still undemanding. He didn’t need to be demanding. His every request was always granted. No one thwarted him in any way for any reason. Ever.

She said, “I was awake.” She was lying, and she knew he knew it, and she knew he didn’t care. He was the boss. And she owed him.

She walked across the bedroom and flipped on the bathroom light. It was harsh. She grimaced at herself in the mirror and splashed cold water on her face. She felt like she’d tossed back a dozen tequila shots last night, and she was glad that she hadn’t.

The voice said, “Get to the airport. You're going to Atlanta.”

Books 1-3 Series Starter Bundle includes the following titles:

1. Don't Know Jack

2. Get Back Jack

3. Jack and Joe

"Intricate and ingenious. Make coffee. You'll read all night." - Lee Child

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